Why Electric Bicycles?

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Over the past year, the sales of electric bicycles have skyrocketed. This global increase is due largely to the economic, environmental and physical benefits this machine offers. Below are some of the top reasons for jumping on the battery powered bandwagon and getting an electric ride of your own:

Good for People and the Environment

Aside from walking, e-bikes are one of the most environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. Since e-bikes don’t require diesel or petrol, they don’t emit carbon emissions into the air. If they are charged using green solar power, the bike becomes 100% environmentally-friendly — a great option for people who are looking to adopt a “green” lifestyle. With each purchase of an electric bike, we make small but significant contributions for the planet.

Easy to Maintain

Electric bicycles are significantly less hassle in comparison to motorbikes or cars, machines that require frequent maintenance. If you ride an e-bike regularly, it’s recommended to do a regular motor, electric system and battery check-up once or twice a year. But there are also ways that you can take extra care of your electric bike at home, such as properly charging the battery. The charging setup differs slightly from e-bike to e-bike, so make sure to know the best practices for your preferred model. In general, electric bikes don’t require much more maintenance than a standard road bike.

Electric Bikes are A Fun Form of Stress Relief

Like most exercises that increase your heart rate, e-biking facilitates the release of endorphins. This means that riding an electric bike can boost energy, increase happiness and help you wake you up. Since riding bikes has a positive effect on mood, electric bikes are also great for daily commuting. E-bike commuters also don’t have to worry about traffic congestion, which is known to be a large source of stress for people who live in cities.

An Economically-Friendly Alternative to Cars

The upfront investment of an e-bike quickly pays itself off within a month or two of riding. With the high prices of oil around the globe, car owners spend a great deal of money on gas alone. That’s not to mention the additional fees associated with car insurance, maintenance and/or parking tickets. The same goes for the rising cost of public transportation in cities around the world; for instance, the cost of a one-way ride on the New York City subway is $2.75. That’s where electric bikes come in. You can find great electric bikes for $1,000-$2,000, an excellent price point if you plan to ride it often.

Fitness and Performance

Contrary to popular belief, electric bikes can be a great way to get fit and/or lose weight. People who ride e-bikes over traditional bikes typically ride for much longer distances, so the continuous usage of e-bikes results in burned calories. E-bikes can also strengthen core muscles since they are heavier than regular bikes, requiring more effort to maneuver. This is particularly true for people who might need to carry their e-bike up and down stairs, and/or bring it on the subway. (RIDEL carries lightweight and foldable models to make it much easier for city dwellers)

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